Zhafira Script

Zhafira Script

Zhafira Script is a Bold, Classic and Sexy Script font. Very recomende for Logotype, Signage wit typography design, t-shirt design, quotation posters or anything related to typography design.

Zhafira Script Features.

– Ligature Feature is cover a classic “weird” combination between two letters of a script font, such as; “Fl”, “Fh”, “Th”, “Tl”, “fl”, “ff” , “ft”, “fi” and “tt”. And it still have a stylistic ligature.

– Contextual Alternates Feature, makes the lowercase letters automatically get a shorted “nail” at the end when you type.

For Photoshop user, with Contextual Alternate, when you type, press BAR “|” from your key board after the lowercase letter. It will make the end of the letter have a ” long swoosh”. See the preview image for detail.

– Stylistic Alternates and Swash Alternate is Cover almost all the uppercase letters. For the lowercase it cover “e” and “f”.

– Stylistic Set Feature is only can be access with a Savvy OpenType Program with a Glyphs Panel like InDesign or Adobe Illustrator.

Available in TTF OpenType layout. So it compatible with both Windows or MAC OS.

NOTE: You’ll a need a program that support Opentype features to access the alternate character from Zhafira script.

Please do not hesitate to ask before you buy. Thanks!