Youtube Channel Background

Youtube Channel Background

The professional youtube background was made for all you professional individuals or companies out there, so that you can inform visitors on your vast number of social media and contact outlets. dont have twitter or facebook? you can easily change it to Youtube, flikr, whatever, i’ve included some more icons in the download!

Whether you be an real estate or a freelance web designer, this background has two image holders, a logo holder, and dozens of text for you to customize to your own liking, making the background totally unique to you. Its attractive design and cohesive font choice sure to go down a hit with your subscribers.

Its built on the NEW Youtube layout so be sure for pixel perfect design. Its a great template for everyone using Youtube so that you can impress new visitors with your custom design.

Personally I’ve designed backgrounds for some of the biggest Youtubers, your getting the same quality for far less investment.

Be sure to impress with either versions of this professional template. Two versions are included, so that you can get even more bang for your buck. Its almost too easy to edit this template, simply find the layers labeled in Red, and change the text to whatever you desire.

If you don’t have Photoshop, I can edit the template for you, but due to the huge number of requests i receive it unfortunately isn’t feesable for me to do it for free Youtube Channel Background