Yolk Lightroom Portrait Presets

Yolk Lightroom Portrait Presets

Rich, vibrant, glowing! Give a special touch to your studio & portrait photography.

Yolk Presets were crafted to give a special artsy touch to your studio and low-key natural light portrait photography. Featuring the vibrant golden-yellow process, they will bring richness, expression and make your work stand out.

The resulting effect may vary, depending on the individual characteristics of the original image. However, Yolk comes with a large number of pre-made variations to match different shooting conditions and camera settings.


  • Yolk Studio 01-09 with variations – for studio and low-key
  • Yolk Studio 10 Common – more natural tone
  • Yolk Studio 10 Common -HC – high-contrast natural tone
  • Yolk Studio 11-13 – for outdoor
  • Yolk Studio 14 with variations – for moody outdoor shots
  • Yolk 15 with variations
  • Yolk 16 with variations
  • Yolk 17
  • Yolk 18 Art with variations – painterly toning
  • Yolk 19 Oz – painterly toning with green tint
  • Yolk 20 Chrome – for natural studio artsy portraits

COMPATIBILITY: Lightroom 4 and higher, including CC 2015. These presets are for Adobe Lightroom only and won’t work in Photoshop.

INSTALLATION AND USAGE: Standard for Lightroom presets. Installation and usage instructions can be found inside the archive.

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