Xmas Tree Creator

Xmas Tree Creator

This is a Tool to create your own designed and colored Xmas Tree. Because all elements are 3D renders, the look is very realistic and you must have no knowledge of any 3D App. So make your projects ready for christmas and create great stuff for any events, shopping and greetings.

Can be EDIT

• 2 Ball groups with style mirror or rough and change color each group

• 5 Ball designs with style mirror or rough switch on/off and change color

• Switch on/off golden ball caps

• 3 diff. tree caps with style mirror or rough and change color

• Place logo or image into the logo tree cap

• Tree holder on/off with styles mirror or rough and change color

• Change candle color

• Light on/off and change light color

• 3 diff. shadows (left/middle/right) on/off for tree with balls

• Switch on/off bonus nature tree without any Xmas stuff

• 3 diff. shadows (left/middle/right) on/off for nature tree

• Switch on/off background gradient and change color

Can NOT change

Because all layers are 3D renders you CANNOT change the designs and set your own patterns or rotate the tree in 3D space. These things are only possible in the 3D app the tree is created with. All balls and candles CANNOT be switched off, because the whole scene would be changed with all the reflections, shadows and hidden areas of balls and candles. In this case the whole Xmas Tree Creator has to rebuild in 3D with hundrets of layers for many combinations (ball group A, ball group B, ball group A with candles, ball group B with candles and so on). So you have to deal with this great looking tree having balls and candles – but you have a lot of possibilities with a high amount of design combinations to create a customized Xmas Tree with any element and light color in a very high photorealistic quality.