World Landmark Icons – Vol. 2

World Landmark Icons - Vol. 2

World Landmarks Icons – Vol. 2

Speciality of Icons Set : Unique, Conceptual, Creative, Decent Color Palette, Fresh Icons, Stylish

Perfect for use in: Print media Websites iOS, Android, other Mobile Apps, Website Templates, Webapps, Presentations, Promotional Materials, Infographics, Merchandise

World Landmark Icons vol.


a) Grid based icons

b) Available in total 4 different styles for each icon: 1. Outline Blue 2. Outline Red/Pink 3. Mix color palette 4. Outline Black

c) Change stroke thickness in Illustrator Simple to work with and highly customizable, it can be easily adjusted to fit your needs.

d) Icons with Names 1. Forbidden City 2. China Wall 3. Chichen Itza 4. Emirates Towers 5. The Burj al Arab Hotel 6. The burj Khalifa 7. Aldar’s Disc 8. Windmills at Kinderdijk 9. St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow 10. Easter Island 11. Stonehenge 12. The Great Buddha