Wooden UI Designs for Games and Apps

Wooden UI Designs for Games and Apps

The Wooden iPad UI Pack is designed to help you quickly create stunning game interfaces for your own games and apps.

The Pack consists of a series of pre-built fully editable templates including different board and button sizes with smart object layers for you to change at will and an exciting icons for you to combine in a unique number of ways to create interface designs.

The Wooden iPad UI Pack is designed with all these features included

Main features

• 2048×1536 264dpi,
• All cards in RGB for online games
• 4 ready to use example .PNG templates
• Easily editable .PSD Templates
• Easily editable .PSD Templates
• 49 .png Interface elements
• 56 .EPS icons for use on buttons
• 20 SL styles. • Help file for construction layout structure.

The Pack is easy to use

1. Double click on the smart object layer to edit and open it.
2. Apply your texture to the predefined areas or create your own
3. Close and save to apply design.
4. Select the next layer to design and change as you see fit.

Package contents

• 1 PSD Master file and 6 example smart object items
• Photoshop style files and PSD for button effects (.asl)
• Illustrator .eps file for icon examples.
• Help File PDF.

We hope you enjoy using the kit.

We hope you have a good time using the kit. Have fun and if you come up with some cool designs don’t forget to say hi and show them off. All the best.