Wood Letterpress Text Kit

Wood Letterpress Text Kit

Introducing the first product of 2015 here at Layerform.com, a set of Premium A-Z (uppercase, numbers and special characters) Old Style Letterpress Woodblocks.

In this highly detailed set you will receive Uppercase Woodblocks, Numbers / Special Characters, in separate PSD’s and PNG files. You will receive:

– A-Z Uppercase Woodblocks in .PNG format separated and in master PSD – Numbers and Special Characters in .PNG format and master PSD – Readme.txt file

The Wood Letterpress allows you to create your own compositions as can be seen in the preview images, allowing a multitude of different designs to be created!

This set really has unlimited potential, you can create some amazing typographical artwork. We really hope you enjoy this set, as we have worked incredibly hard to bring you guys a great product.

++++++ IMPORTANT – To keep file sizes down we place a white background ontop of the images in the PSD file, this reduces PSD size by at least 20% in some cases, and helps alot with your download, so you can get the graphics quicker! Wood Letterpress Text Kit

Each Woodblock is rendered at 1600×1600px precisely and should be perfectly fine for the majority of printwork. If you need larger items you can request this from us Wood Letterpress Text Kit ++++++