Wine: Fruit of the Vine – Red and Gold

Wine: Fruit of the Vine - Red and Gold

Gold vine and grape motifs set into velvety backrounds with the colors of delicious deep red wines; port, cabernet, pinot noir, merlot, shiraz and more… these luxurious seamless designs are perfect for anything related to the wine industry, vintners, or the ‘high end’ of life in general. They can be adapted to projects involving heraldry, antiques, and jewelry.

There is a PSD file of 1000×1000px tiles that can be endlessly multiplied. The preview shows them at about 66% detail.

Please have a look at my Collections on my profile page for all sorts of other artistic items. Thank you for your interest. I have also included 4 x JPGs with gradients, 2560×1600px, ready to use as backgrounds.

Savour the flavour!