Wedding DVD Cover, Label & Facebook Timeline

Wedding DVD Cover, Label & Facebook Timeline

Wedding DVD Cover, Label & Facebook Timeline

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Table of contents by folders:

Files: • CD-DVD_disc_label_1.psd • DVD_cover_insert.psd (front & back pages) • Facebooktimeline.psd (for your facebook timeline)

Help file and instructions: • Help_file_and_instructions.doc

Preview files: • CD_disc_label_1.jpg • DVD_cover_insert.jpg

Free fonts used in this item: • Chopin Script -> • Fontin -> • Roboto ->

Now let’s get started to edit this templates.

1. Double click on the text layer thumbnail to edit the text. 2. Double click on the picture layer thumbnail to open the smart object, and ctrl+click on layer after select, and go edit menu select paste into then place your photo in there and save the file, automaticly will update the file. Repeat the process for the others text and picture layers. 3. If you want to change the color of the background, click on the eyeball for the “Color Selection Here” layer that you want, to make it visible, one layer at a time (the rest of the color layers let it invisible). 4. Hide the ‘Guides Group’ before printing the file. These are the basic steps for the other files.

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