WebLifts Thermometer Pack v2

WebLifts Thermometer Pack v2

The WebLifts Thermometer Pack v2 has been created for darker backgrounds.

This the thing you need to start tracking those funds. Its elegant and clean design can give your website that extra push to present and entice users to donate.

Small subtle call to actions can really increase your income.

This pack includes a wide variety of thermometer types styles and colors. Included in this pack is the following:

Multiple Horizontal Termometers Multiple Vertical Thermometers Double Thermometers Flat Colorful Markers Bars Pipes Colored Thermometer Tags Small Donate Buttons With Different Styles Large Donate Buttons With Different Styles Large Vertical and Horizontal Thermometers Large Thermometer With Optional Percentage and Goal Number

Start the New Year off right with a way to present to your audience a need for funding, having a goal in mind.

Tips and Notes: -Each thermometer is organized in a very clean manner with folders and labels. -Simply change the color by navigating to the COLOR layer and change with 2 clicks. -Change the length of the liquid by simply dragging the graphic in its appropriate direction.

If you are looking for the lighter version, check here: http://graphicriver.net/item/weblifts-fundraising-thermometer-pack/145848

Thanks for checking out this file, and happy fund raising, The WebLifts Team