Web Graphics V2.0

Web Graphics V2.0

Hello. Welcome to my gfx world. Besides music and multimedia, I am also graphic & web designer, so I decided to put some work online. If you like it, support me & my work.

All best. Nikola Tomic aka djnick [deetronic]

• All work done in PhotoshopCS

• Fonts used: default Windows fonts [Arial], [MyriadPRO] fonts family & Franchise [freeware font from www.dafont.com] by http://derekweathersbee.com downloadable from following link: http://www.dafont.com/search.php?psize=m&q=franchise

• e-mail: [email protected]

• Web Sites: www.djnick.rs – my CV home page www.youtube.com/djnykk – djnick deetronic Youtube channel www.myspace.com/djnykk – music account on MySpace www.djtunes.com/djnick – my latest music promotions & online store www.beatsdigital.com/djnick – online store for several songs www.jango.com/music/djnick+deetronic – be my fan on US online radio station www.reverbnation.com/djnickdeetronic – audio & music video streaming soundcloud.com/djnick – play & download some of my latest music tracks www.digital-tunes.net/releases/psy_xperience – in connection with SoundCloud djnick2k.deviantart.com/gallery/ – my artwork / graphic design list www.facebook.com/djnykk – personal contact via FaceBook