Web Form UI Kit – Large Grey

Web Form UI Kit - Large Grey

FILE HAS BEEN UPDATED: Completely rebuilt using Photoshop! Now includes a fully editable PSD file!

Stop using those ugly stock form elements defined by the OS! This is a set of custom form elements.

Elements included are:
Input Field
Text Field
Drop Down Menu
Radio Buttons
Date Field
Submit Button

These are still in a graphical form, however there are numerous tutorials on the web that demonstrate how to use custom form elements. Plus by using jQuery, you can make custom built drop down menus, and date fields using these graphics.

The light large grey color scheme is all that is included.

Technical Details
The file was originally built using Adobe Photoshop. So the file included is a PSD file.

The fonts used in the file are:
Tahoma (Standard Font)
Myriad Pro (http://www.linotype.com/1257/myriad-family.html)

Web Form UI Kit - Large Grey