Water plash 3d Letters

Water plash 3d Letters

Water splash 3D letters / 3d render font 26 letters (full alphabet) Set includes 1 psd files (multi-layers) 2500×2500 resolution (300dpi 8.3×8.3 inch high quality print) and 26 JPEG files white background 2500×2500 resolution 300dpi 8.3×8.3 inch high quality print)

PSD file includes 26 layers with a transparent background, all layers are named Complies with images on them letters,(such as C layer contains the letter C, and so on…).

You can put the letters on any background, to use it in their presentations and design. Change the size, mirror, dream, add others, add your own text to create colorful and fun work.

Use single letters and combinations to create a unique design of your text.

To create this realistic simulation of the font used – Arial Black one of the fonts included in the standard distribution of Windows

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