Wasp Flying Bee Game Kit

Wasp Flying Bee Game Kit

In this package you will find everything you need to build yourself a whopper of a side scrolling shooter!

All characters and backgrounds are provided in vector formats, along with character animations as PNG sequences.

All 8 of your characters have 1 animated loop each wherein they hover, or fire at you.

The main character (the wasp) & cockroach however, each have two separate & alternating animations; hovering & shooting.

The background kit includes an out of focus backdrop and 2 props (a tree trunk & foliage) that you can use to create a proper parallax for your game. As these are in vector formats, you can easily play with their sizes & colors for some variety (as shown in the examples).

Some effects are also provided for you, such as bullets and their casings, and explosive flares for when said bullets rip through your enemies.

You will also find a complete game HUD with a life gauge, and two buttons (one for shooting and the other for moving around), as well as 3 different pickups (score, special ammunition and shield power-ups).