Virtual Rulers

Virtual Rulers

Virtual Rulers Item: In this item are realistically looking rulers with realistic centimeters, inches and pixel scales in wood (beech) and plastic versions. There are also two protractors with degrees in both wooden and plastic versions. The purpose of this item is firstly to get isolated realistic image of rulers and protractors which can be incorporated into web or print graphic.

Secondly these rulers represent an extra tool which you can use in Photoshop as additional ruler, measuring tool. At least I find them quite useful. Virtual Rulers Ruler(s) will stay there until you will need it (them) during drawing. Since their ratio is 1 : 1 they will always show you adequate distance between two points horizontally, vertically and also oblique. You can drag them with the Move tool and rotate them via Edit – Transform – Rotate, as you need and want. They are useful also for arranging guides. Rulers in PS are in pixels by default so now you can measure or just control dimensions in your drawing also with these rulers in inches, centimeters and millimeters at the same time. At the end of drawing you can easily get rid of ruler(s) with closing its (their) layers or simply delete them. Perhaps for such a use is better to use transparent models so you will see drawing area through them. If its semi transparency is not transparent enough or maybe too much you can change body’s layer and border’s layer opacity in its layered PSD file and then save it as a new PNG file. You can use these rulers also to show actual dimension of the object or product on your drawing, sketch, brochure or photo when certain dimension is important information. If you want to show real dimension of certain object on your drawing or photo and item’s dimension on photo is not as it should be you can scale down the ruler until it won’t fit.

ZIP file contains transparent PNG files with all of rulers: semi transparent plastic cm ruler semi transparent plastic inch ruler semitransparent plastic pixel ruler wooden cm ruler wooden inch ruler wooden pixel ruler protractor, semi transparent plastic protractor wooden.

All these PNG files are also collected in layered PSD file named RulerCollection.psd. Besides your open drawing you can open also RulerCollection.psd and then simply duplicate layer with the ruler or protractor you need on the top layer of your current drawing or photo.

All PNG images are in 1 : 1 ratio. Size is 1344×355 px, 300 dpi.

Besides separated and collected PNG files you will find also layered PSD files for each ruler and both protractors. The only purpose of these PSDs is that you will be able to change different options, style… You will be able to adjust transparency with opacity percentage, you will also be able to get rid of default logo and add or not add new logo, customize shadows etc…For dark backgrounds I suggest opacity increasing. Numbers are not editable, also you mustn’t change distance between line dividers because it would make ruler imprecise. Keep the current image size of the rulers if you will use rulers as additional measuring tools. Hope you will find this item useful!