Vintage Cogwheels Set

Vintage Cogwheels Set

+ Introducing the Vintage Cogwheels Bundle from Layerform +

This is a great bundle of Vintage Cogwheels (Wood, Metal and Rusted Metal) to add to your collection of design resources. Each Cogwheel has been meticulously made, spoke from spoke to create a custom collection of truely 100% original rendered artwork that has a textured, vintage feel to the materials and shaders used.

So what do I get in the Download?

Good Question! You will receive the following files:

10 Vintage Wood Cogwheels in .PNG Format 10 Vintage Metalcast Cogwheels in .PNG Format 10 Vintage Rusted Metalcast Cogwheels in .PNG Format 10 Angled Wooden Cogwheels (as seen in the main preview image) Readme.txt file We hope you enjoy this product as much as we enjoyed creating it for you Vintage Cogwheels Set