Vintage Bulb Signage Maker

Vintage Bulb Signage Maker

Easily create old fashioned.bulb signs with these 3 actions. Just enter your text and play one of the actions, within seconds your sign is ready. You can change the colour of the bulbs afterwards, and add realistic electrical cables with or without wall clips.


  • 3 different actions, 1 for each sign style
  • Adds a main cable & you can easily brush in additional ones too
  • Tweak colour adjustment layers when done if needed
  • Well documented with illustrated PDF help file


  • 1 ATN action file with 3 sign types
  • 1 ASL file with necessary styles
  • 1 ABR file with necessary brushes
  • 1 CSH file with necessary custom shapes
  • 1 PDF file with full instructions