Uzi – Modern, futuristic, sans serif font

Uzi - Modern, futuristic, sans serif font

Uzi is a modern and futuristic looking font that is perfect for big and bold headlines, or smaller bodies of type. It has a clean, streamlined look and can be used in many different designs.


This file also comes with a .EPS file with all of the original vectors used in the making of the font.

This font includes upper and lower case letters, all numbers, basic punctuation, and a few extra glyphs.

Punctuation Included:

1. Period 2. Comma 3. Left and right quotes 4. Colon and Semicolon 5. Exclamation mark 6. Question mark 7. Hyphen

Extra Glyphs Included:

1. The ‘&’ symbol 2. The ’$’ symbol 3. The ’+’ symbol