User Interface Elements. Simple White.

User Interface Elements. Simple White.

Easily customizable web design / application / user interface elements in one consistent, clear style.

Elements included:
– buttons (several examples)
– breadcrumbs
– +/-, expand and collapse buttons
– tabs
– tags
– user rating (1 to 5 stars)
– table design
– search field
– arrow or cursor buttons
– slider button
– scrollbar
– calendar monthly view design
– pagination
– video player interface (buttons, time track, tooltip, volume control)
– system window
– modal window
– notifications (success, attention, information, error)
– form (input textfield, dropdown menu, numeric stepper, rich text editor, checkbox, radio button, submit and cancel buttons)
– promotional badges

Highly customizable psd file for your convenience:
– Shapes as editable paths or scalable smart objects, minor bitmap pixels
– Each button in 4 states (up, over, down, inactive)
– Great base for html/css, ajax, flash, flex, air, silverlight, etc.

Fonts used in this file: 1. Tahoma (a standard font) 2. Garamond (You can buy it here: 3. Creampuff (You can download and use it for free here:

Please let me know about any other interface elements you actually would like to see in the next versions of this file.