Upeion UI – Modern and Fresh UI

Upeion UI - Modern and Fresh UI


This it’s a basic User Interface, for build Blogs, Sites, App Interface and Whatever you want!

All elements in this UI are easy editable! Every elements from Icons to Shapes are easy customizable, in just few clicks you cand chage the icons, fonts, colors and other things.

All elements are build in 1170 Boostrap GS, that made to be easy to create what you want! Every items are very organizate in Groups and sub groups for quick acces!

This UI contain the following items:

3. Menus, 2. Blog Post, 1.Comment Form and Comments, 1.Login Form, 1.Calendar, 1.Drop Down Menu, 1.Upload Form, 1.Mini Post (Status update), Some Buttons, 2.Search Boxes and other elements (see screenshots).

That’s it! If you need some help or some items are not included in standard product, contact me by my email address at “[email protected]

Possible new updates soon!