Ultra Modern Media Player Package

Ultra Modern Media Player Package

This Super smooth, Glossy Media player package is all you need to create a modern masterpiece in viewing or listening pleasure for your audience.

The Package has been designed to easily connect and fit together, So you can incorporate as much or as little as you like.

The PSD Package consists of 13 Groups, They are:

1 – Media Player
2 – Alternate Panel
3 – Side Panel
4 – Social Network Bar
5 – Button Collection
6 – Rating System
7 – Progress Bars
8 – Balance Bar
9 – Search Box
10 – Pop up Window
11 – Extra Buttons
12 – Graphical Equalizer
13 – Audio Equalizer

Every layer can be fully customized to suit your project, Also every Button has “OVER STATES ”. To change The color of all the elements of the package, Simply edit the “LAYER STYLES ”