Turn Based Multi Step Registration Form

Turn Based Multi Step Registration Form

Product Details

  • 4 of the registration form
  • 4 PSD file
  • 100% editing elements
  • easy to change colors
  • all layers are well signed


    Organized layer structure

    The files are very easy to navigate. All layers are named and organized in groups and subgroups.

    Free font used

    The font Open Sans is used through out the whole kit. It’s designed for legibility across web and mobile interfaces and supports several character sets and languages.

  • Completely re-styled from ground up
  • Almost every element updated
  • Dark, strong colos replaced with pale/pastel colors
  • Much nicer elements styles
  • Some usability issues corrected
  • Better white space usage
  • Better layer naming
  • Typography improved
  • Better layer arrangement
  • Better grouping of elements
  • Removed unnecessary layers and elements

    Fonts • Icons

  • Open Sans – free download
  • Icons – free download

  • The photos used in the preview images are not included in the item.
  • If you have any questions please let me know on my mail – write email