Tha Icon – Pack 1

Tha Icon - Pack 1

Good things come in small packages! My first icon template pack includes 12 icons, plus the extra ‘Bite tha bullet’ goodies.

Change colours easily with these completely editable templates, EXCLUSIVE to GraphicRiver!!!

Use it to customize your phone, desktop dock or application. Delivered with open layers and filters the size is 200px by 200px at 300 dpi. and just for formality there’s a 48 pixels, 72 pixels in there as well.

During the process of creating these icons i have imported some vector elements in the photoshop file. For convenience they are also included in this package (.ai files) so if you need a bigger icon its possible for you to re-create the project it with ease.

This icon is part of Tha Icon pack, a family of more than 200 icons. Its a project originally started to fill a caveat in my android phone… it badly needed nice, clean and effective pictographs.

They are now used by developers to represent their app!