Swiss Chocolate Brochure Template

Swiss Chocolate Brochure Template

Swiss Chocolate Brochure Template Swiss Chocolate Brochure Template

Swiss Chocolate Brochure Template
This Brochure Template is suitable for Chocolate Shop or Chocolatier who sell different swiss chocolate brands and chocolate gifts. Whatever you products may be, ranging from white chocolate to black chocolate or you make evantial chocolate easter bunny and fine chocolate, you need to have a Tri Fold Brochure to market your best chocolate. Even if you are a cookies store dealing in different cookies brands such as sugar free cookies, still this brochure ideas is good for you.

Chocolate Candy Brochure Template
Usually chocolates are for everyone, whether they are kids, lovers or mature people, chocolate bars attract everyone. I know you have so many brands in your shop, but you can advertise your new products or favourite ones to attract potential customers thus telling them that they can buy chocolate at your place whenever they need it. You can have a website to buy chocolate online, and you can put the most wanted ones in this Brochure Examples to distribute to people.

Chocolate Delivery Brochure Template Do you have a chocolate delivery service? Do you deliver chocolate on different occasions such as birthdays, events, st valentine? Then this tri fold brochure template is suitable for your business to boost the sales of your products. You can use this template for your coffee shop as well. Just use it to fit your needs. This print design is editable from tip to toe, you can change the colours easily to fit your corporate. The Swiss Chocolate Brochure is for Chocolate SHop owners dealing in chocolate delivery for every events. This is a direct call to action brochure, instigating people to call you to order chocolate. This Tri Fold is a price list brochure layout. Give this brochure to the people in your locality and wait till the clients come to your chocolate shop or call you to order. The Tri Fold Brochure is fully editable.

Specification of Chocolate Shop Brochure

  • • Fully Editable. Layered brochure template
  • • 300DPI brochure design
  • • Brown & Creme version (1 Indesign Templates – Recto/Verso)
  • • Brochure Format = A4 (8.2×11.6 inch)
  • • And 0.125 inch bleeds on all four sides
  • • Print Design

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    Fonts Used : Droid Serif and Droid Sans


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