Summer Suntan or Beauty Product – 2 Versions

Summer Suntan or Beauty Product - 2 Versions

2 versions of a packaging design for suntan products, or any general summer beauty cosmetic like spray or lotion, soap or perfume. This clean, modern design, available exclusively on Graphic River, is adapted to a taller slimmer box for an aerosol or tube bottle, and to a shorter wider box that is ideal for a flatter plastic or glass bottle. However, reasonable changes in size can be made, and colors are very easy to edit in the clearly layered and grouped AI and EPS10 files, which are ready to print.

If you purchase and have no complaints, i would be grateful if you would come back and rate my item and suggest improvements. Thank you.

The fonts used are Qlaire and Qlaire Italic, both of which are also available in my portfolio here: