Sticker Maker. Adobe Illustrator Graphic Styles

Sticker Maker. Adobe Illustrator Graphic StylesSticker Maker. Adobe Illustrator graphic styles. AI CS + Short itrovideo: This is a collection of graphic styles for Adobe Illustrator. With the help of graphic styles, you can easily convert your text or any other vector objects to a sticker. In fact, you only need to write a short text or draw a shape and click on the style in a palette of styles. The minimum version is Illustrator CS. You can find more about Graphic Styles on the Adobe Illustrator help site:

Quick Usage: Get access to Graphic styles in two ways:

1.1 Open source file with styles and find a Style Palette (Window > Graphic Styles) —Import all graphic styles from source file into yours —Choose Window > Graphic Style Libraries > Other Library or select Open Graphic Style Library > Other Library from the Graphic Styles panel menu. 1.2 Select the file from which you want to import graphic styles, and click Open.

2. Type and select your text (or select any vector object).

3. Click on any style to apply.