Stick-it ! Illustrator Sticker Actions

Stick-it ! Illustrator Sticker Actions


Stick-it! Sticker Illustrator Actions” is a great collection of 12 Illustrator actions for create sticker effects from almost every kind of content (simple shape, groups of objects, symbols, editable texts, etc…). Theses actions have 2 stops for configure the size of the border and the percent of the curving and use includes styles that can be modificate for personalize your sticker (color of paper, of kraft, etc…). It’s the perfect tool for enhance your web content, adversing, titles or illustrations. You don’t need to be an expert of Illustrator: Just write your text, or create a basic shape, and click on one of the 12 an actions, wait tthe final message, and that’s all ! You have a beautiful sticker !

Stick-it! Sticker Illustrator Actions” is very easy to use, just follow the provided instructions.


Stick-it! Sticker Illustrator Actions” don’t use raster effects (blur, drop shadow, etc…), so the sticker effects can be scale and keep exactly the same appearance (except content create by user!)


  • Stick-it.ait (Template Illustrator CS4 )
  • Stick-it-actions.aia (Actions for Illustrator CS4 )
  • (Styles for Illustrator CS4 )
  • (Swatches for Illustrator CS4 )
  • Stick-it-stylesSheet.pdf (Preview of the 12 actions by default)
  • ReadMe.txt (Description and instructions)

Free bonus:

  • WorkingWithIllustrator.pdf (Tips and help for Illustrator CS4 )

Be creative and enjoy !