Startup Pitch Keynote

Startup Pitch Keynote


Startup Pitch Keynote


Your Startup Pitch is going to be the first thing that potential investors look at when you ask them for money or if they are looking for another business to add to their portfolio. Therefore, a good pitch is going to be one of your biggest chance to success as a startup. There are going to be a few key things that investors look for in a Startup Pitch and you must address them in order to have a winning plan; the following are ten things that you definitely should include on your Startup Pitch:

Market Definition

How large is your market? Is it growing? Is your market filled with repeat customers? Are there emerging opportunities within that market? By addressing these questions in your Startup Pitch, you will not only give yourself and investors an idea of what you are looking at for future sustainability and growth, things that will be key in your business’s success.?

Competitor Analysis

Include the things that your competitors have to their advantage in your Startup Pitch, and state how you are different or how you have an edge over these already-established businesses. This will show your investors that you have a realistic head on your shoulders and are able to look at the global scenario.

Target definition

A target market is a group of customers towards which your business has decided to aim its marketing efforts and ultimately its merchandise or services. A well-defined target market is the first element to a marketing strategy. Explain target customers’ needs and problems, and state how you’ll answer to them.

Value Proposition and Product Presentation

A value proposition consists of the sum total of benefits which a vendor promises a customer will receive in return for the customer’s associated payment. Business Model Any sort of positive cash flow is going to be attractive to your investors.

Way to market

The marketing strategy you planned to reach your target market. Milestones The significant stages or events in the development of your Startup.

Investment Definition

How much do you need, and how will you spend it? That’s a very interesting point to the investor’s ears.


Present The Startup Team and its members.

Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas, is a strategic management and entrepreneurial tool. It allows you to describe your business model in a one-page format. If you don’t anything about this method I suggest to visit the Business Model Generation site


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Startup Pitch Keynote

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