StampOut – Isolate Things from Black or White

StampOut - Isolate Things from Black or White

StampOut is a set of actions to isolate from black or white background. There are 5 actions: – Isolate from black in RGB mode – Isolate from black in LAB mode – Isolate from white in RGB mode – Isolate from white in LAB mode – seperate black (black parts of the image will be kept, everything else is deleted)

You can try which action works better with your image and with what you want to do with your image: the RGB or the LAB action. You can also use different layer modes to blend the result over other layers. For example you can use “screen” after isolating from white or “multiply” after isolating from black without your background causing problems.

These Actions are only made to work with black and white. Not with any other colour as green or blue. Also the actions use the depth of your black or white: For example what is half black will be half transparent.

There’s a little explanation video on youtube how it works and how you can use it in different situations:

About compatibility with localized Photoshop: There shouldn’t be any problem with the well known problem of actions in different localized photoshop versions! I’m trying my best to design my actions to work in every language. I’m also switching my Photoshop to english language while I’m creating the action. This allows you also to switch to english version, then everything really should work. (I added a little description how to switch photoshop to english) After creating the action I’m testing it in my localized Photoshop. So I’m pretty sure that everything should work with every language. And there’s also the “backup solution” to switch to english. So you don’t need to be afraid about the action wouldn’t work StampOut - Isolate Things from Black or White