"Square" PSD Boostrap Based Template

"Square" PSD Boostrap Based Template

“SquareLP” is the new “PSD” Bootstrap based landing page template design for your apps.

We´ve created this new “PSD” Responsive layout in 4 different width sizes: 480px, 768px, 980px and 1200px. Besides those different sizes this “PSD” comes with a set of big icons for some of your app features, it also comes with a video interface, texts styles, links, buttons, form boxes, etc…

“SquareLP” is also a responsive “PSD” template and we’ve created for you four different “PSD” width sizes templates, from 480px to 1200px (and up) besides 768px and 980px.

“SquareLP” comes with a set of 5 icons compositions for your app features: Share, calls, camera, music and GPS. You will also find a custom video player layout, you won’t have to create a custom one from scratch.

“SquareLP” loves “Open Sans” font: As you may have noticed “SquareLP” uses “Open Sans” Font Family (“Open Sans” is one of the open-source Google Fonts optimized for the web).

“SquareLP” comes with : • 4 “PSD” template files: 480px, 768px, 980px and 1200px • 5 icons compositions for your app features in one “PSD” file • A custom video player layout

“SquareLP” Design features: • Flat design style • Bold • Square • Simple • Fully editable • Very easy to turn into “css” (by using flat color areas, less images, “HTML” texts, etc…) • Typography: “Open Sans”