Spiral Chart Presentation Template

Spiral Chart Presentation Template

Spiral Charts Presentation Template is the ideal solution for display planning processes and progression.

Also Spiral Chart in presentation is as useful as it is beautiful.

The concentric spiral helps to visualize one central start point with in spiral form surrounded aligned descriptions. By using the matrix in the background separate fields of activity can be connected to one overall process. You can use the diagram anywhere you want to represent ‘INPUT – Process – OUTPUT’ cycle.

<stromg>Composition of 20 unique slides 4:3, 16:9 (widescreen) aspect ratios

All slides are easy to customize using PowerPoint.

Template is available in 2 colorful variations, blue, red, green, teal-indigo, blue-lime, teal-orange, teal-yellow and orange colors on the white and dark background.

Package includes: 20 PPTX files (non-animated) PDF helper

Please be sure to install the fonts before open the presentation.

Free fonts used: Montserrat Raleway

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