Soap Bar Package Tool and Mockup

Soap Bar Package Tool and Mockup

Soap Bar Packaging Layout Tool and Photorealistic Mockup

For those sticky situations when you need to create a package design for a bar of soap, this tool does it all. The label designer file provides preset dimensions (which may be customized as needed) and guides so you can build a beautiful label without having to scrape together dimensions or figure out where a fold should be.

Package Contents

  • A handy ReadMe.pdf reference that you’ll never need
  • Embedded instructions right in the PSD
  • Photorealistic mockup tool with smart objects
  • High resolution, printable label design tool which links to the mockup tool
  • Embedded smart objects for easy editing
  • Linked smart objects to share between projects
  • Multiple premade soap bar styles to choose from

Linked smart objects are contained in the Linked Assets folder so that assets like logos can be modified and used between multiple projects or between multiple designers (if you’re a masochist). Each piece of this tool has been crafted with customization in mind. Add your own soap bar style, replace the preset backgrounds, add your own textures, etc. Experiment! Win at life!

Fonts used in the default settings: Raleway –