Smoke Movie Poster Photoshop Action

Smoke Movie Poster Photoshop Action

There is a Photoshop action, that will make your photos looks like a movie poster.

How to install: Open Smoke Movie Poster.atn in Photoshop by double-click or use ‘Load actions’ menu item in Actions window

How to use: – Open image in photoshop – Be sure the document has background layer called ‘Background’ – Create new layer called ‘mask’ – Use Brush tool on ‘mask’ layer to paint the shape you want to be in front of the picture – Run the action and enjoy the result!

Important! Before you can use this action make sure: – photoshop language is set to Englisn. – Checkbox “Add ‘copy’ to Copied Layers and Groups” is cheched in Layers Panel Options window. – The action has been tested on Photoshop (English versions) CC 2015 and CS5. – your photo contains Background and mask layers – Minimal version of Photoshop is CS5.

Content: Smoke Movie Poster.atn, readme.html