Smiley Business

Smiley Business

This vector is useful for weekly maintaining of motivation and monitoring company system. On the other words, this is employee monitoring system.

There is a reward icon will give based on employee success standard. Where the success rate of an employee is given a mark or a particular image or by giving Reward And Punishment by an image.

For example:

When a marketer target between 80% – 100%, the icon is [ Smiley Business ] When in the next week the marketer only had 60%-70% of total target, he or she will accept the [ Smiley Business ] icon When in the later week the marketer only had 40%-59% from the total target, he or she will received [ Smiley Business ] icon

And when the target is lack from 40%, the marketer will receive skull icon.

When the marketer have three skulls icon in three months, the icon is needs to replace by grave stone icon.

In another case, when the marketer achievement’s above the target, he or she will receive star icon or thumb icon. When their achievement in a long term, he or she will receive king or queen crown.

I’m only could give you the outline. Please make your own monitoring techniques.

If the vector is different than my imagine before. You can use for avatars, shirts, carpet, cups, sheets, pillows, stickers, blogs, web & print advertising or whatever you want…