SMA's Multiple Exposure Creator PS Script

SMA's Multiple Exposure Creator PS Script

SMA’s Multiple Exposure Creator PS Script


This script creates multiple exposures from a single opened JPG/RAW from within Adobe Photoshop.

I made this script for the necessity to create HDR files in programs such Adobe Photoshop’s Merge to HDR tool and dynamic-Photo HDR which require multiple exposures to create a single HDR file. Making multiple exposures from a single JPG is tedious and time consuming process and this script takes care of that. I have been testing it thoroughly over the past month and now that I have removed bugs and tested it to my satisfaction I am putting it up for sale.

From personal experience this script has saved me no less than 30 minutes in creating HDR from a single JPG/RAW file in each project.

Usage Example:

  1. Open the JPG from which you want to create multiple exposures.
  2. From scripts menu choose smaTools-JPGMultiExposure
    File -> Scripts -> smaTools-JPGMultiExposure
  3. Specify Maximum exposure required in the dialog box that appears. e.g. for exposure values from -3 to 3 you will specify 3.
  4. Specify increment value e.g 1 or 0.5
  5. That’s it! once the multiple exposures are created you will be notified that multiple exposures were created successfully.
  6. Check the same folder as of your opened JPG and you will find newly created files named as “Your File Name” ending at a number.

Files Included:

  • smaTools-JPGMultiExposure.jsxbin (Photoshop Script)
  • Instructions.txt
  • Readme.txt