Sketches Cleaner

Sketches Cleaner

Sketches Cleaner action help to clean up your sketches fast and easy, with all of power layers can easy to edit and adjust. No more wasting time for clean your drawings and don’t need care too much about your sketches line when bring it to digital.

– Paint lines with color, non-destructive method.
– Follow instruction to get more/less line easy.
– Full layers structure to edit.
– Very useful for artist.

Work good with scanned sketches, don’t work with bad photo capture (too dark – too bright, out of focus, blur…)

Work with multi-languages, only bring best quality with Photoshop CC+

I’m working on to fix the way to using better and update as soon as possible.

Thank my friends for all of sketches sample, check his artworks here.
Thanks alot for inspire sketches by Bruno Monteiro

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