Six Shatter Actions (Text)

Six Shatter Actions (Text)Video Demonstration:

Six unique actions that break up text creating a shatter effect. Ideal for advertising price drops etc. These actions work with any font type you choose to use. Also included free of charge are four text styles specifically created for these actions. You can use the free text styles, create your own or just use the actions on plain text. Any way you choose to apply them you get great results. The final file consist,s of your shattered text the original text and a free background. You can recolour the background using the hue/saturation layer provided or you can simply discard it altogether. When the text has been broken up each piece is on it,s own layer giving you full control over placement of each piece. By tweaking each final file you will never get the same effect twice.

Included in the download is: One ATN file containing six actions. Six action generated backgrounds. One ASL file containing four text effects. One SHC file containing one contor style and one PDF help file document.