Singularis Webforms Contact Forms and Login Form

Singularis Webforms Contact Forms and Login Form

In this item you will find following webforms:

  • Contact forms
    • “The telegram”
    • “The letter”
  • Login form:
    • “The safe lock”

These beautifully designed webforms (2 contact forms and a Sign in form) are unique because of their respective designs and the ambient designed around them.

Some of these forms look like paper forms; such is the case of the letter form or the telegram and each of these forms has been placed in a design where the user would find such forms.

As an example, the contact webform “The telegram” has been placed near a telegraph key and a stamp. The contact form “The letter” has been placed near a fountain pen, an envelope and a coffee cup.

All forms and objects were created using Photoshop shapes and layer styles, a fact that gives you the total control of the sizes and placement of objects. If you wish to resize an object then you can do it without the fear of losing quality.


Design created by hansV