Simple Web and UI Elements

Simple Web and UI Elements

Simple Web and UI Elements, include at set of:- -Fully customizable buttons in three states (normal, hover, and active)

Fully customizable icons to go with the buttons (which include: magnifying glass, left right up and down arrows, plus symbol, minus symbol, division symbol, cross, a love heart, target, rss feed, and a tick)

-Fully customizable pagination buttons in three states (normal, hover, and active)

-Form elements which include Input, text-area, select, radio buttons and check boxes all with normal states and focus stats (for the radio buttons and check boxes they have for states – Normal active selected and disabled)

-Information bubbles in two versions a quote bubble and a thought bubble, both these feature a highlighted ribbon

-And finally a fully customizable tabbed panel which has already had 3 tabs created in different stats of selected tab created for you already.

All elements have been created using shapes and paths to make them simple to modify and customize the size and shape of each element without loss of quality.

Colour and shading has been created using Layer Style Effects which means that every colour and gradient can be modified simply by opening the Layer Style Pallet in Photoshop.

The font used in this Simple Web and UI Element set is Georgia; this font has not been included in the zip file as Georgia was part of Microsoft’s core fonts for the Web package. However the font is not integral to the design of the set.