Signorita is an upright, casual, unconnected script typeface with friendly lively temper, flavour of old times and warmth of the human hand.

It’s inspired by the beauty of the craft of sign painting and is made to look like it’s hand painted. Signorita is intended as a reliable workhorse to creating Logos, Signage, Packaging T-shirts and Apparel, Mugs and Tots, Textile, Greeting cards, Invitations, Captions, Headers, Titles, Ads, Posters, Prints, Book Jackets, Quotes, Storefronts and so much more!

Each letter was carefully hand-painted with brush and ink, then meticulously and professionally vectorized with minimally necessary amount of the anchor points to ensure smooth and clean outlines.

Signorita features an upper- and lowercase characters, punctuation glyphs, numerals, diacritical marks, currency symbols and international language support.

Signorita comes in two flavours: Signorita and Signorita Rough. The only difference between them is that the latter features intentionally uneven distressed edges to give the letters a bit of that natural vintage look of warp and age.

Along with .OTF files you’ll get webfont files. (.eot, .woff, .woff2)

Hand crafted brush script lettering have remained one of the most popular and sought after style for many years. And nowadays it’s enjoying a revival. So don’t hesitate to favour yourself with a lasting instrument you’ll use for years to come. Enjoy!