Shield Creator

Shield Creator

­Creating your own shield has never been so easy. A few clicks and you have yourself a shield. Want to add your own art? Simple! Full instructions given in the help file.

So what are you getting exactly?

  • 12 shield types.
  • 10 shield styles.
    • Steel, Bronze, Wood, Gold, Gold 2
    • Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple
  • 40 default patterns for inside the shield.
    • 5 classic patterns with 3 background colours.
    • 5 striped patterns with 3 background colours.
    • 5 flags (Scotland, England, USA, Italy, France).
    • 5 colour gradients.

The various colours can be seen in the preview.
You can even mix and match the default patterns for even more combinations e.g mix a classic pattern with a stripe pattern or a classic pattern with a colour gradient.
That works out at over 5000 possible combinations right from the start with only a few clicks!

Technical Information:

  • CMYK 300dpi for print and web.
  • 100% vector shapes. The psd uses vector smart objects.
  • Easily converted to RGB as the vector shapes are all of RGB colour.

In the zip we have:

  • 12 psd’s layered and named accordingly. 1 psd for each shield type.
  • 12 png’s for referencing the shield type.
  • 1 pdf Help file.

Note: To use this, Illustrator is optional.
Only Photoshop is required if you wish to use the default styles and patterns and your own photos etc.
Illustrator is only required if you wish to use your own vector art. CS2 and above recommended.