SEO and Business Icons Bundle

SEO and Business Icons BundleA set of various 180 SEO and Business icons bundle designed to be simple and intuitive. Included:

  • Readme.txt file
  • Fully editable and layered .ai, .psd, .eps files. .ai files is fully sliced. It’s give you opportunity save all icons changes per one click
  • .psd files – vector shapes
  • Transparent 128×128 .png file for each icon (1260 icons)
  • 5 styles (filled color cicle style, color cicle style, color style (+ black and white), color rounded rect line, color filled rounded rect)

Items Icluded:

Use these icons in your Web applications to make them more attractive. In preview image used free font Prosto

SEO icons set:

Video marketing, Web crawler, SEO team, GZIP, Rating, Web development, Data collection, Social media, SEO speed, Traffic analysis, Right decision, Settings, Data transfer, Link bait, Page error, Open access, Pay per click, Knowledge, Wrong decision, SEO project manager, Communication, Network protection, SEO repair, Photo presentation, Private network, Ecommerce marketing, Brain storm, Content editing, Page ranking, .htaccess, File sharing, Budget planning, Email marketing, SEO performance, Dublicate content, Awards, Bug search, Keywords, Code, Place optimization, Monitoring, Closed access, Domain registration, SEO project, Viral marketing, Design, Idea, Links building, Social media marketing, Traffic, Mobile marketing, SEO strategy, Search engine, Responsive design, SEO training, Robots.txt, SEO structure, Cloud computing, SEO consulting, Web hosting, SEO goal, Geolocation, Ping, Advertising, Html impact, Page quality, Clean url, Ban, Press release, SEO decisions, Google panda, SEO spy, Audio marketing, Budget, Sitemap, Copywriting, SEO page speed, Infographics, Anchor, Revenues.

Business icons set:

delivery, business trip, email, goods, PC, cash register, analytics, mobile phone, statistic, few decisions, team, time, money, negotiation, idea development, knowledge, bank, pen and pencil, printer, fax, documents, office, sale, sold, dollar, dollars, post, transaction, pledge, money injection, phone talk, career ladder, global price, wallet, calendar, website, law, safe, phone call, company network, coins, workplace, support, boss, ATM, terminal, scanner, notebook, video onference, communication, copyright issues, capital, learning, credit card, business districts, profit generator, low price, idea approved, idea rejected, raw aterials, target audience, advert, security, trading, closed account, open account, full cart, empty cart, time make decision, cash, work in progress, cooperative, logistic, credit, geolocation, empty basket, full basket, investment, discount, badge, sheets of paper, risk protection, pin-code, note book, calculation, contract, office chair, bunkruptcy, clip, business reward, time 2, dress code, business grows, business fall, rent, business lunch, corporation tax, business car, investigation, notes.

SEO and Business Icons Bundle