Sensation E-Newsletter Template

Sensation E-Newsletter Template


Launched on February 9, 2012 with an additional layout included and ready for use (typography has been improved). Check in:


Elegant, professional and easy customization. Ideal for your company, your business or even self-employed. Use it in your email campaigns.

Basic Features

  1. Size of the developed area of the layout – 650×1200 pixels
  2. 8 Color variations and 3 Layouts
  3. Easy to change colors
  4. Work organized in folders
  5. Easy editing of text and images
  6. Named layers for easy identification
  7. Fully customizable
  8. Help_Documentation.pdf included with images illustrating the layers and sublayers
  9. Accompanies Layered PNG files

Layout Considerations

The layouts were developed and organized in order to facilitate the maximum customization of the same.

Changing the Color of the Layout

You can change the color scheme with just one click. Just browse to the respective layer and select the desired option.


Font (FREE): Aller. Aller Font by Download for free here:

Icons (FREE): Social Media Icons: Dark Social Icon Set by Download for free here:

NOTE : The file lags behind the social media icons. However accompanies the link to be downloaded. The use license is free.

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