Retro, Off-set Print Actions (Photoshop Version)

Retro, Off-set Print Actions (Photoshop Version)

Simulate the look of misaligned, off-set print with these retro actions!

To use the actions simply select a piece of text, vector or bitmap shape and run the action. Results are almost instant, saving you loads of time.

I’ve supplied the actions in 12 color variations but you can adjust the colors, the size of the dots and also the amount of misalignment, once the action has completed. The text also remains editable.

I’ve also included a set of 12 different colored backgrounds to use with the styles (these use the dotted print pattern and are 2000×2000 pixels in size).

Full content of download:

  • 12 text conversion actions.
  • 12 shape conversion actions.
  • 12 bonus print patterned backgrounds.
  • Bonus swatch file containing all of the colors that I used in the styles.
  • Instructions.