Pure Stencil Art Actions V4 (Sticker Generator)

Pure Stencil Art Actions V4 (Sticker Generator)

Click on the action file and it will be installed in your Photoshop… Open the action window… (Window>Actions)

Open your picture and click on the action you want! Easy as that!

Check the item preview for a full tutorial on how to use it.

This action can be used in all types of photos. It is also non-destructive so it does not harm the original photo in any way. This effect were all achieved by using the adjustment layers, so if you need to change the effect, you don’t need to change the actions, just simply tweak the layers… Pure Stencil Art Actions V4 (Sticker Generator)

Have a good time and please rate and maybe even tell your friends about this.

If you have any question about how to make something like in the examples or have any problems using the action, feel free to ask Pure Stencil Art Actions V4 (Sticker Generator)

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