Pro Rendering FX Brush Pack

Pro Rendering FX Brush Pack

Aren’t you tired yet of all the average texture brushes all over the internet? I come to you with the perfect solution to your projects. Here I introduce you to the first complete package for Fur and Hair. I’ve forged especially this brushes for you in the best way possible so you can create realistic hi definition artworks with a set of tools that behaves like real brushes and you don’t just have to click all over the canvas.

Each and every single component of this package was made after an ample study on how the real fur and hair looks so it could be used to provide only premium quality results in your personal way, offering you the possibility to use them accordingly to your style.Even more now my studio and 8 other graphic design studios are using these brushes for each Furry project.

What’s included?

18 Professional Fur and Hair Brushes 24 Premium Actions to boost your work speed A PDF File with instructions on how to use the brushes efficient

A few more words in the end?

I would love to receive your feedback on how the brushes and actions work for you and on what would you like to see next.I want to help you and the others in the design industry get all the tools that you need to provide amazing results and designs. I would also like to see how you used these in your projects, so please if you liked these and want to see more leave a comment and will get in touch.