Pop Art Effect Action

Pop Art Effect Action

Package contains one Photoshop Action featuring a Pop Art effect. The effect is pretty easy to achieve, so the action is simple and it won’t take long to apply the effect to your images.

In the package you’ll find 3 .atn files, each of them featuring the same colors but different light textures (or patterns) that will make your images look a little better.

Also, you’ll find a PDF with instructions about how to use the Actions.

A few tips that you’ll find in the instructions file too:

1. Make sure the image you’re using the action on is not a smart object. If it is, make sure you rasterize it.

2. The best way to use the actions is to use it on a fresh opened image. If you use one of the actions on a project with multiple layers, some of the action effects may apply to the other layers too, so it’s best to just open an image in a new file, use the action on it, save it and then upload the new image on your other projects.

Thank you very much for your time, thank you very much for any purchase, and if you have any questions or problems feel free to ask in the comment section :)