Photorealistic Grassy Ground Generator

Photorealistic Grassy Ground Generator

Generate awesome high resolution photorealistic ground textured text complete with popping out grass! Customize where the grassy areas are!

Unbelievably simple instructions:

  1. Load the Photoshop pattern, action set and brush files
  2. Edit the smart object for your text or shapes
  3. Add/Remove/Modify shapes in the “grass locator” layer
  4. Play the action!

Short video tutorial:

Included in the package:

  • 1 pattern file .pat
  • 1 brush file .abr
  • 1 action set file .atn
  • 1 Photoshop file .psd (a guide is shown in the file)
  • 1 help.txt

Important: edit the “GRASS LOCATION” layer for more control on which areas of your text the grass will be placed on. Add/modify shapes to this layer. Shapes that overlap with the text will be the areas where the grass will be generated on!

For higher dpi, just change the dpi of the main document as well as the dpi of the smart object.