Petit Jardin

Petit Jardin

Petit Jardin—French for small garden, clever huh?

Okay not so clever, to be honest, I’ve always loved those words, Petit Jardin. So it stuck.

It’s a decorative little number, delicate and thin with organic curly serifs. I guess you could call it a display font. With its dainty look, it needs to be used at larger point sizes and headlines.

What can you use it for?

With those curly serifs, it has a playful look and feel—with a smidgen of art nouveau about it.

It would be ideal for invites, greeting cards, stationary, packaging, branding and anything where you want that fun, quirky organic look.

What’s included?

Uppercase and lowercase letters Punctuation Symbols Numbers Western, Central and South-Eastern European characters TTF and OTF formats