Pencil Sketch Presenter

Pencil Sketch Presenter

With this file, you can submit your drafts graphics giving it the aspect of “illustrated by hand.” Simply replacing the graphics on the smart object versions already you will get 3 layouts:

Sketched Sketched / render Fully render + shadow

Great for presenting logos, trademarks, advertising graphics, drawings.

You can add information, comments, notes, and putting them in “SHEET BORDER ” smart objects, and even those will seem written in pencil!

This is an high-res PRINT QUALITY – CMYK , 300dpi, 3508×2480 pixel PSD file

Inside the file you’ll find everything grouped by folder.

The only thing you have to do is edit the two layers you’ll see on the top in the Layers palette

By editing the “SMART OBJECT LOGO ” object you can update the logo graphics. By editing the “MASK” object you can update the mask shape.

To edit the text in the bottom of the frame simple edit the “SHEET BORDER ” object you canfind inside the “FRAME” group.

Fonts used:


Can be obtained from: